St. Jude’s Cancer Hospital – Neurobiology and Brain Tumor Program

Neurobiology and Brain Tumor Program pic
Neurobiology and Brain Tumor Program

For more than 20 years, Bryce Neier has been an attorney at The Law Office of Bryce D. Neier PLLC in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Bryce Neier has been involved in several cases involving international child abduction and child custody, and has successfully litigated many of these cases involving but not limited to: Canada, Columbia South America, Germany, Japan, Portugal, and Spain. In addition to his legal work he supports a number of charitable organizations, including the Comprehensive Cancer Center at St. Jude.

Several programs exist at the St. Jude’s Cancer Center to help research cancer as it relates to children. One is the Neurobiology and Brain Tumor Program (NBTP). Brain tumors are not unusual in children, especially for those younger than 15 years of age. Out of all childhood cancers, brain tumors make up 20 percent. The NBTP program strives to research the biology of malignant and normal growths that occur in the nervous system.

Additional goals for this program include developing less invasive treatments to fight childhood brain tumors and developing interventions that will reduce the neuropsychological effects that can potentially happen from having and surviving the disease.


Smile Train – Providing Correction of Cleft Malformations

Smile Train pic
Smile Train


As an attorney at The Law Office of Bryce D. Neier PLLC in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Bryce Neier focuses on family law , international law, entertainment law, and other state and federal civil litigation. Bryce Neier supports Smile Train, a charity that performs surgeries for children with cleft palates.

A cleft is an oral malformation that occurs during fetal development. It happens when there isn’t enough tissue in the lip or mouth area, resulting in the tissue not joining together. Clefts can be successfully treated with reconstructive surgery. Because of technology and evolving surgical procedures making things simpler than in the past, the surgery now typically takes just 45 minutes.

An international children’s charity, Smile Train provides completely free cleft care to children. Since its inception Smile Train has expanded to serve over 85 developing countries to provide this procedure. More than 170,000 children are born with a cleft malformation every year. Approximately 1 in 700 Caucasian births, nearly 1 in 500 Asian births, and 1 in 1200 African births results in a cleft defect. Since 1999, Smile Train has performed over one million surgeries.

Shriners Surgeons Develop App for Individuals with Cerebral Palsy

HipScreen pic

Fayetteville, North Carolina-based attorney Bryce Neier focuses on family law, including property division, divorce, and child custody. Beyond dispatching his professional obligations, Bryce Neier supports various charitable organizations, such as Shriners Hospitals for Children.

A smartphone app developed under the supervision of orthopedic surgeons at Shriners Hospitals for Children-Northern California recently received the Fred P. Sage Award from the American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine (AACPDM) in recognition of its contribution to digital health care education. Dubbed HipScreen, the app helps physicians detect hip issues at an early stage among children with cerebral palsy.

A third of children with this condition are susceptible to hip problems. With regular preventive measures such as x-rays, these problems can be detected at an early stage. HipScreen helps users navigate this process by providing them with educational material and other means of assessing the condition.

The app was recognized at AACPDM’s annual meeting earlier this year in Florida. Dr. Vedant Kulkarni accepted the award, as he was one of the leading physicians responsible for the app’s development.

Visit to learn more about the app, which is currently available for iOS. An Android version is on the way as well.

Shiners Hospitals for Children Teach Burn Safety

Burn Safety pic
Burn Safety

Bryce Neier is an attorney affiliated as an allied attorney (not employee) with the Alliance Defending Freedom Organization (formally The Alliance Defense Fund) and a litigator at his own practice in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Having prevailed on several major international law cases concerning child abduction, Bryce Neier also takes time outside of his work to support charities such as Shriners Hospitals for Children.

Shriners Hospitals is a nationwide chain that provides specialized treatment for children with orthopedic issues, spinal cord injuries, cleft palate and lip, and severe burns, as well as funding research for treatment in all of these areas. The hospitals have a focus on providing this care regardless of a family’s ability to pay for it, and thus relies on donations from sponsors to continue this work.

Along with its research and treatment, Shriners Hospitals for Children also have a multitude of programs available to assist in fundraising and research, and to educate children. Its educational programs focus on the issues that the hospitals deal with, and one of the most prominent is Be Burn Aware. This program teaches children safety around hot tools and stoves, and what to do in the event of emergencies involving fire. The program also provides those interested with educational materials and demonstrations for use at schools and gatherings involving children.

Tetley and Tata Trusts Launch $1 Million Partnership with Smile Train

Smile Train pic
Smile Train

A litigation attorney focused on family law, Bryce Neier oversees a private practice in Fayetteville, North Carolina. In addition to his work as an attorney, Bryce Neier supports Smile Train, a charitable organization that provides corrective surgeries for children with cleft lips and palates.

In a recently released statement, Smile Train announced a partnership launched by Tetley and Tata Trusts that will provide $1 million for cleft repair surgeries. Tetley, a Tata Global Beverages brand, is marking the partnership with the Tetley Smile Challenge, a digital campaign that aims to raise awareness about Smile Train’s life-changing work.

The Tetley Smile Challenge uses facial recognition software to capture smiles as individuals watch humorous videos on the challenge’s website. While there, participants can donate to Smile Train and share the smiles they captured via social media.

Through the challenge, Tetley hopes to raise 1 million smiles to match the $1 million donation, which will provide corrective surgeries for 4,000 children around the globe. To participate in the Tetley Smile Challenge, visit

The Sky’s the Limit Program at Shriners Hospitals

Shriners Hospitals pic
Shriners Hospitals

Bryce Neier is an experienced attorney with over two decades of experience focusing on family law. A graduate of the Campbell University School of Law, Bryce Neier currently serves as a lawyer at his law firm in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Outside of his professional work, Mr. Neier is a supporter of several children’s charities including the Shriners Hospital.

Based out of Tampa, Florida, the Shriners Hospitals for Children network includes over 20 children’s hospitals across North America. The first hospital was opened in 1922, and today the network provides high quality children’s medical services as well as research and education operations to advance the quality of children’s healthcare.

In support of its mission to improve children’s lives, the organization operates the Sky’s the Limit Program. An initiative of First Lady Ethel at Shriners Hospitals, the program provides funding for camp activities to help children discover their strengths through new activities, such as zip lining and rock climbing. The program is funded through charitable donations and provides various gifts to donors that contribute.

The Smile Train Business Model

Smile Train pic
Smile Train


A former United States Army officer, Bryce Neier is a proficient family law attorney that graduated from the Campbell University School of Law with a Juris Doctorate in 1992. Currently practicing at his law firm in North Carolina, Bryce Neier is also engaged in the support of several local and national charities such as Smile Train.

Smile Train is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a global presence that provides resources and funding for cleft lip and palate repair surgery. Clefts are physical abnormalities that are caused when body parts, such as the lip and roof of the mouth, do not form together properly in utero. Clefts can be corrected with reconstructive surgery and affect as many as 1 in 700 children.

Smile Train employs a sustainable model to fund the cost of cleft repair surgery. Local doctors are trained to perform the surgeries at participating hospitals that also share in the cost of the surgery. Under this model, a $250 charitable donation is enough to provide a free cleft repair surgery to a needy child in a third world country. The Smile Train model also includes aftercare and speech therapy to ensure the surgery was successful.