Shiners Hospitals for Children Teach Burn Safety

Burn Safety pic
Burn Safety

Bryce Neier is an attorney affiliated as an allied attorney (not employee) with the Alliance Defending Freedom Organization (formally The Alliance Defense Fund) and a litigator at his own practice in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Having prevailed on several major international law cases concerning child abduction, Bryce Neier also takes time outside of his work to support charities such as Shriners Hospitals for Children.

Shriners Hospitals is a nationwide chain that provides specialized treatment for children with orthopedic issues, spinal cord injuries, cleft palate and lip, and severe burns, as well as funding research for treatment in all of these areas. The hospitals have a focus on providing this care regardless of a family’s ability to pay for it, and thus relies on donations from sponsors to continue this work.

Along with its research and treatment, Shriners Hospitals for Children also have a multitude of programs available to assist in fundraising and research, and to educate children. Its educational programs focus on the issues that the hospitals deal with, and one of the most prominent is Be Burn Aware. This program teaches children safety around hot tools and stoves, and what to do in the event of emergencies involving fire. The program also provides those interested with educational materials and demonstrations for use at schools and gatherings involving children.