Smile Train Celebrates its Millionth Surgery

Attorney Bryce Neier is based in Fayetteville, North Carolina. His vast work experience includes matters of civil defense and federal civil litigation. Bryce Neier gives back to the community by supporting numerous charitable organizations, including Smile Train.

Smile Train (ST) is a global charity for children that is wholly focused upon aiding those born with cleft palates and lips. The organization’s sustainable approach provides cost-free surgeries to repair clefts in more than 85 developing nations. Samantha Cameron, wife of the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister, David Cameron, recently held a reception to honor the charity’s millionth surgery. Actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who attended the event, emphasized the importance of the organization’s work; unrepaired clefts often lead to social stigmatization, and can make breathing, eating and speaking difficult. Additionally, ST CEO Susannah Schaefer highlighted that the group’s work relies upon the generous donations of partner corporations, sponsors, and fundraisers. Though over a million children have benefited, ST remains committed to helping the countless others worldwide who still suffer from unrepaired clefts.


St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital Receives Exceptional Review

Bryce Neier is an attorney who serves the Fayetteville, North Carolina area. He concentrates in civil defense, international family law, and more. Bryce Neier supports several charities, including St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital (SJCRH).

SJCRH works towards cures and prevention of catastrophic pediatric illnesses. Founded in 1962 by Danny Thomas, the SJCRH treats all children regardless of religion, race, or finances. In 2008, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) named the hospital a comprehensive cancer center, a title that was recently renewed. The distinction is given to research-based centers that work actively to educate both professionals and the public alike on cancer, as well as conduct outreach.

Following its 2014 review, the hospital received NCI’s highest score of ‘exceptional.’ Dr. William E. Evans, the hospital’s director and CEO, indicated that the rating, which followed a rigorous process of peer-review, was meaningful and gratifying. SJCHR supports the work of over 160 scientists and clinicians. In the past five years, the hospital enrolled over 32,500 patients into clinical studies.

The Jerusalem Post Newspaper and Magazines

From The Law Office of Bryce D. Neier, Bryce Neier assists clients with their criminal defense, family law, and civil litigation needs. A graduate of Campbell University Wiggins School of Law, Neier supports the Jerusalem Post, in particular its educational magazines for children.

Founded in 1932, the Jerusalem Post serves as the world’s most respected and commonly read English news source about happenings in the Middle East. Even before Israel became a state, the Jerusalem Post covered the nation and its people. Over the past 80 years, it has published pieces about the many historic events that have transpired in the country, ranging from wars to peace agreements. Catering to a people from different nations and socioeconomic classes, the Jerusalem Post produces numerous periodicals, including the Jerusalem Report, the Christian Edition, and the International Edition.

These publications report on a wide range of subjects that appeal to different audiences. In addition to writing about national and international hard news, its commentators discuss arts and culture, real estate, and fine dining. Moreover, visitors to its website can discover a section dedicated exclusively to issues that primarily affect Jewish persons. The Jerusalem Post also provides children with educational and recreational material through its magazines Junior, Click!, and The New D”ash.

Bryce Neier: Ways to Give to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

In additional to managing law offices in North Carolina, Bryce Neier places high priority on giving back to the community. To this effect, he supports a number of charities and nonprofits, such as the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

The nonprofit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital provides patient care and conducts important research that has saved many lives. The hospital’s mission seeks to prevent and discover cures for pediatric diseases, and it relies on support from the community. There are several ways to get involved:

1. Make a single or monthly donation: Donate any amount at any time through the hospital’s website at or set up an automatic monthly contribution to help consistently without the hassle of submitting payment information each time.

2. Visit the gift shop: Support the hospital by buying items from the virtual gift shop.

3. Volunteer: There are numerous volunteering opportunities through fundraising events, including the St. Jude Walk and fancy dinners and galas, that enable volunteers and contributors to donate while meeting like-minded people.

Bryce Neier: The Alliance Defending Freedom

For over 20 years, Bryce Neier has served as a litigator in Fayetteville, North Carolina. In addition to his private practice, Neier performs as a volunteer attorney allied with the nonprofit group Alliance Defending Freedom Organization.

Since 1994, the Alliance Defending Freedom Organization (formally Alliance Defense Fund) , ADF, for short, has been defending religious liberty, and in particula Christians from continued attacks by organizations such as the ACLU that would seek to eliminate Christians’ rights in many forums.

ADF is a non profit organization that has trained hundreds if not thousands of attorneys in major litigation at both the trial and appellate levels.

ADF is headquartered in Arizona and has allied attorneys all over the world defending the rights of Christians pro bono (as it appies to attorney fees). In some cases ADF can award cost grants to cover some costs of the litigation.

Only through the efforts of organizations such as ADF, and its allied attorneys such as Attorney Bryce D Neier can Christians continue to practice their faith here and abroad when faced with hostile lawsuits.

The War on Childhood Cancer, By Bryce Neier

Cancer is diagnosed in about 14 in 100,000 children in the United States every year, and for every one of those patients and families, the diagnosis can seem catastrophic. The most common types of cancer in younger children are lymphoma, brain cancer, and leukemia, with incidences of bone cancer becoming more prevalent into the teenage years. Research into childhood diseases is an ongoing process, and finding a pediatric oncologist who understands the latest treatments is paramount when families learn of a diagnosis.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is the first institution to specialize exclusively in childhood diseases. Focusing on cancer research and treatment, the hospital tends to 260 children each day and about 7,800 patients every year. The hospital’s research efforts and lifesaving procedures come at a cost of about $1.7 million per day, which is primarily subsidized by contributions from the public. More information, including instructions on how to contribute, can be found at the hospital’s website,

About Byce Neier: In addition to owning his own private law practice, Bryce Neier is an Allied Attorney with the Alliance Defense Fund. He is a frequent contributor to charities that benefit children, including Smile Train, ChildFund (formerly Children’s Fund), and the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Smile Train, By Bryce Neier

Smile Train is an international organization that provides free corrective surgery to children born with clefts; follows through on surgical correction when necessary with speech therapy, orthodontics, and general dentistry; and trains medical professionals in the treatment of clefts.  About 170,000 children annually are born worldwide with cleft lip and cleft palate, congenital deformities which interfere with their ability to eat and speak. If uncorrected, they can cause significant psychological and social issues as children grow older.

Established in 1999 by advertising professional Brian Mullaney and computer software executive Charles Wang, the original focus of Smile Train was the training of local medical professionals to perform the cleft-correcting surgery. It since refined its mission to pay those local professionals directly for each corrective surgery performed as well as to serve the cleft-related needs of the children after surgery. Smile Train concentrates its efforts solely serving children born with clefts; to this end, it has established relationships with over 1,100 hospitals in over 75 countries worldwide.

In 2008, Smile Train produced the Academy Award-winning documentary Smile Pinki. The movie illustrated the dramatic changes in the life of a poor Indian girl after she received free surgery to correct her cleft lip.

About the Author: Bryce Neier, JD, practices family law in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and is an enthusiastic supporter of causes, like Smile Train, that help children overcome childhood ailments and conditions that might otherwise prevent them from achieving a fruitful adult life.